Main Dish

Our Menu says it all, we have a good mix of traditional and fusion dishes. Here are just some of our Chef pick. All of our meal are suitable for mummies who have a ceasarean birth and its breastfeeding friendly.

We take into consideration food that is avoided by our tradition. Our menu is well research and it offer an appetising meal for a more nutritious diet. Our packages are available for your consideration.

Please Whatsapp us and we will forward you the details and menu.




Spanish Mackerel in Turmeric Lemongrass Soup


Braised Herbal Chicken Midwing


Chuck Beef Tender Goulash with Tarragon and Peas


Snakehead (Haruan) Fish Slice with Homemadw Apple Tomato Compote and Trio Capsicum


Sicilian Bake Salmon with Side Baby Spinach and Cranberries


Homemade Meatball with Quinoa Honey Gravy top with Asparagus and Alfalfa


Roasted Whole Leg Bumbu Chicken with Side Salad


Cod Fish Papaya Milk Soup with Corn and Tomato


Ginseng Chicken Soup