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We’re a team of young individuals who love the art of cooking. The idea of combining fresh and assorted ingredients to create healthful masterpieces for the palate excites us. However, aside from being passionate cooks, we are also mothers ourselves.

We know that at the heart of a positive postnatal experience lies a scrumptious and nutritious diet.

Being advocates for healthy eating, we embarked on a mission to provide the best for confinement mothers so that they do not miss out on the essential nutrition they need to speed up recovery after childbirth.

Fresh ingredients and cooking styles

As we serve the mothers of today, we ensure that what we cook resonates with them. We dug deeper into the present-day confinement culture to understand what mothers need, and found that many of the superfoods are easily available fresh. They all play a crucial role in strengthening postnatal health, from boosting collagen and milk production to promoting blood circulation.

To make them more accessible to the mother’s palate required the art of combining these ingredients with equally fresh cooking styles that retained the nutritional values and health benefits.

This entails a combination of traditional and modern cooking methods using everyday healthful ingredients. To achieve this, we study each ingredient carefully, understand its revitalising properties and explore all unique possibilities of turning the ingredients into healthy and tasty confinement meals. The result? A fusion menu of western and ethnic flavours packed with proteins, vitamins and other nutrients necessary for the recuperating mother.

Our pursuit of discovery never stops. We are continuously looking out for new ingredients and cooking techniques that pair well with existing flavours beneficial for the postnatal experience. Mothers who dine with Ummu Fazwill can expect fresh creations every day!

We listen to mothers as we cook, and speak to them through our love for food.

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