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Assalamualaikum Wr Wb,

Welcome to our page, as mothers ourselves we know the fragile health of new mummies post-delivery. At Ummu Fazwill, we take the utmost care and precision to prepare nutritious food specially curated for postpartum mothers. We provide the best halal confinement food catering service with delivery. Our specially curated menu offers delicious food that is packed with nutrition, rooted in tradition and catered to modern standards to restore health for postpartum mummies. Our delicious confinement food has been enjoyed by the likes of Ainon Talib, Huda Ali, Nity Baizura, Estee Zaki, Sarah Aqilah and Jumaiyah from Halal Food Hunt, etc.

At Ummu Fazwill, we understand the practical difficulties of a new mother. That’s why we deliver our mummies with delicious and healthy meals even on Public Holidays! We send our carefully packed meals twice a day (lunch & dinner) with lots of love and affection. And guess what? Nothing but the best for our mummies. Each meal has a different menu and you’ll never go unsatisfied with Ummu Fazwill.

Our package includes specialties such as a special daily brew of Red Dates tea for your lunch and another type of brew for dinner and yummy lactation desserts specifically designed to stimulate and boost milk supply in mummies. Our food comes packed in a thermal bag to keep it nice and hot. Don’t stress about planning your meals. Leave it to us.

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Ainon Talib

“Masyaallah That was such a good meal. Love love love the sayur and the sweet potato balls”

Huda Ali

“Yummy yet nutritious. They change their menu every single day for both lunch & dinner. I’m always looking forward to their freshly brewed drinks and their desserts (especially their cakes!)”

Estee Zaki

“Their confinement meals and DESSERTS are never boring. Tasty, healthy and most importantly nutritious. Good for recovering mothers and also milk supply.”

"You don't have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces - just good food from fresh ingredients."

- Julia Child

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