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Confinement is essential for mummies to recuperate, recondition and regain health after childbirth. The successful journey of recovery for every mummy begins with the right food at the right time. After delivery, mummies’ bodies are tender and require carefully designed confinement meals.

The food that you consume will help you balance your overall health, improve and promote healthy production of milk for your baby, regain muscle strength and boost energy levels. Weakness, loss of energy, mood swings and blood loss is common in postpartum mothers. Some mummies may experience difficulty in producing milk. These problems can be solved with the right kind of food with adequate vitamins and minerals.

Our confinement food helps stimulate and boost breast milk production in mummies, improve overall health, and keep mummies hale and healthy during the confinement period.

Mummies, your health and satisfaction is our no.1 goal. Ummu Fazwill confinement food has your back! Contact us for more information.