About us

The Story of Us and Our Food…

A team of food lovers from diverse backgrounds of profession that are fascinated by the natural healing properties of food sources.

Ever since discovering their benefits, one of us has travelled to some of the remote parts of Asia to personally learn and research on how proper combination of food can revitalize, restore and replenish all the essential nutrients for a postpartum mummies healing and wellbeing. We blend contemporary and traditional idea of both Asian tradition and modern nutrition that is widely practice by confinement practitioner.

We also believe that how we treat what we consume is as important as what we use to create them and as a start, we were thinking why not we use our expertise and passion for health food to assist post-natal mummies. We take a great deal of research and experiment in the process of coming up with nutritious food and yet tasty. We are proud to offer this service to all mummies out there that is looking for real health food. We endeavour to cater for our consumer’s needs and attention.

Together at Ummu Fazwill we make something great together.